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Aug 7, 2018

American Wanderlove

Scotty King and Leslie Medley are The American Adventure Couple who are Ambassadors for Living the Adventures of Life℠. Together, they are the creators of American Wanderlove.

They facilitate International Adventure Retreats around the world playing the role as your Adventure Guide, Mentor & Coach.

Their mission is to influence millions of people all over the globe to live from a space of adventure, every single day, experiencing a life filled with love, passion, and freedom. We believe this is the Magic Formula for creating your one-and-only, unique, adventurous life. Our Adventure Retreats focus on personal growth and development, through experiential learning, during the most epic and transformational-adventures. You will discover a new and exciting lens for how you view and live your life.  

They are not only living a Re-Ignited Life but are lamplighters for others.

 Scotty’s Bio

Personal Trainer and Private Cook transformed into an International Adventure Guide, Coach & Mentor who decided to create his only adventurous life by living through his passions. Scotty has always been fueled by living from a space of Adventure. He intends to be the cause of transformation for another person's world by sharing his story and being the example of what is possible. 

Leslie’s Bio

Leslie is a Certified Critical Care Trauma Nurse turned World Traveler, Global Nurse, International Adventure Coach, Guide & Mentor.

She has found her most profound purpose by serving people and being a channel of Light to guide individuals in creating their life by design. She guides people all over the globe in Living the Adventures of Life℠.  She has taken a stand in the global consciousness shift that is occurring. She has made a position to share her message that everyone lives their one & only adventurous life now! Not one day! Living life with love, freedom, and passion.

Their Offerings:

  • Virtual Adventure
  • Adventure Intro U Coaching Program(s)
  • Manifestation Mastermind
  • Adventure Retreats

Social Media:

Facebook- American Wanderlove

Instagram- @americanwanderlove

YouTube- American Wanderlove



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