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The Re-Ignite Podcast is dedicated to purpose-driven individuals who know there is more to life than what they’ve experienced. Be it climbing the corporate ladder or just struggling to live in your genius. Tune in each week as we bring you an inspirational person or message to help you reignite your life, get back in the game and live the life you desire!

Hi, my name is Todd Judkins and I am the Host and Executive Producer of the Re-Ignite Podcast.

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Aug 14, 2018

Just Say No.

In this power edition episode of The Re-Ignite Podcast, I explore the power of saying no.  You should always follow your instinct and go all out for opportunities that lie within your genius.  However, saying yes to everything can cause you to pursue things not in alignment with your real desire.  This what...

Aug 7, 2018

American Wanderlove

Scotty King and Leslie Medley are The American Adventure Couple who are Ambassadors for Living the Adventures of Life℠. Together, they are the creators of American Wanderlove.

They facilitate International Adventure Retreats around the world playing the role as your Adventure Guide, Mentor &...

Aug 5, 2018

Dream Killers

They are out there, and they’re deadly.  Once you develop a passion. Once you’ve set your sights on your dreams and begin to pursue them, the killer strikes.

These killers are not hiding down some dark alley. They are not lurking behind a tree in the park or knocking down the door of your home.  In...